Trainings possibility

We attach some maps from Bratislava, Studienka and Borsky Mikulas for your trainings. Relevant area for TempO is south west from Borsky Mikulas and Studienka (paths in this areas are not very good for wheelchairs) Please, do not forget about embargoed areas near Borský Mikuláš and Devín. These maps are close to these areas. Link to embargoed areas is
Borský Mikuláš (TempO)
Overview map from Borský Mikuláš
The proposed terrain for TempO training

Training map near Borský Mikuláš (1:5000)

Studienka (TempO)
Overview map from Studienka

 Studienka 2017 (1:4000)

Bratislava (PreO)
Overview map from Bratislava

Dlhé kufre (1:10000)

Kráľová Hora 2015 (1:7500)

U ježa (1:10000)

Kráľovstvo pavučín – T (1:5000)

Kráľovstvo  pavučín – T – solutions (1:5000)